Viviscal doesn’t work for hair loss

Silica as well as Marine Extract are offered under the brand name Viviscal. A self-proclaimed aid to hair loss which claims to help to nourish hair that is thin and encourages the growth of hair that is already inside.

As per MENSCRIPT , the assertions provided by Viviscal are utterly fake. The research is based on studies either commissioned by the company or carried out by employees of the company.

Researchers found out that in the twelve studies Viviscal refers to, at seven were sponsored by the manufacturer. The studies that were conducted loss of hair was typically measured using insecure, subjective measures that were not clinically relevant.

They also discovered, for instance that in two studies, hair loss was measured by a questionnaire asking participants if they observed “less hair loss after using a Viviscal supplement”. MENSCRIPT asserts that the results aren’t reliable and cannot confirm the efficacy for Viviscal as a valid supplement to prevent hair loss.

In the past, they carried out an analysis of the scientific research on the efficacy of using Viviscal for DHT which is widely thought to be the major cause of hair loss in males. According to their research, Viviscal is useless in the reduction of DHT. Its effect on DHT is minimal, and that’s why it’s ineffective at stopping losing hair. Finasteride, however, is a well-known treatment for hair lossthat decreases DHT by 70. This results in the complete cessation of hair loss in more than 80percent of males.

The full analysis by MENSCRIPT can be found on their website: Viviscal for hair loss